Consulting Work

Our Consulting expertise span a wide expanse of activities covering the entire value chain

  • Develop strategies to monetise gas resources by detailed assessment of demand centres, customer profiling and infrastructure linkages
  • Study and Analysis of evolution of local, regional and global gas markets, including LNG
  • Analyse growth trends and market opportunities and Identify and implement growth strategies in gas and power
  • Understand market dynamics and sourcing option and implement gas / LNG procurement strategies across consuming segments
  • Make tactical decisions with short term and medium term views

Consulting Offerings

Market Studies and Forecasts
  • Global LNG / Gas Markets, Pricing and Contracts , Market Intelligence, trends and Strategies
  • All India Demand Supply Study, Regional Market Studies covering Natural Gas and Power sectors
  • Customer Profiling and Specific Demand Assessment and Contracting Strategies
  • Geo political issues concerning cross border trades
Detailed Feasibility Studies and Audits
  • DFRs including Market and Financial Analysis for City Gas Distribution and Inter and Intra-State Gas Pipelines
  • Safety Audits of Gas Pipeline and CGD Infrastructure
  • Assets Valuation for M&A, CDR and Loan appraisals
  • Bid advisory services
Engineering and Project Management Consultancy
  • Engineering and Design consultancy for Transmission & Distribution pipelines, CGD network including CNG stations, CGS and DRS etc
  • Tendering and Procurement services
  • EPC Project Execution
  • HSE and Security services conforming to factories Act, PNGRB Act, and Mining Act
Business Strategy and India Market Entry Strategy
  • Evolving business and investment strategies for energy companies based on detailed market analysis and forecasts
  • Market Analysis, Infrastructure, Logistics, Contractual Provisions and Linkages across Gas / LNG / Coal and Power Value Chain
  • Market Study and Country and Opportunity Analysis for global companies entering India
  • Fuel Pricing, Gas Transmission Tariff Studies
  • Comparative Fuel Economics and future scenario Analysis of End-use sectors
Policy and Regulatory Review
  • Regulatory Environment Review and expected developments and depth analysis of the various facets of the Oil & Gas Policy structure
  • Review of Global and Indian Regulatory Structures : Evolution and Comparative Developments
  • Database concerning legal issues related to power, hydrocarbon (upstream, midstream & Retailing), renewable including biogas
  • Application of legal issues in framing gas sales and Purchase agreement, LNG sourcing and Gas transportation
  • Support for reconciliation and arbitration act
Gas / LNG Sourcing & Procurement Strategy / Contract Evaluation
  • Global Oil / LNG Pricing, Market Intelligence and Gas / RLNG Portfolio and Procurement Strategy
  • Gas Requirement Assessment vs Sources and Linkages
  • Gas /RLNG Supply : Contractual and Commercial Overview
  • Gas / RLNG Short Term ad Long Term Contracts Review and Evaluation and strategic / tactical advice
  • Key Terms / Parameters of Negotiation and Advice on approach to negotiation