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There are numerous factors that make the oil and gas industry different from other industries in India. They include the very global nature of the industry, the critical importance of health and safety, the prevalence of project-based organizations, the unconventional workforce of the industry (largely male-dominated with heavy use of outsourced workforce), the major involvement of governments and the price volatility of the product. Each of these differences has important implications for staffing, training and development, compensation and performance management.

Despite the intrinsic volatile nature of this industry, HR function has a deep implication to steer the overall productivity of the business as it forms the ‘core’ of growth and development plans, be it marketing, R&D, finance and technical areas, moreover the HR is not only an embedded function in a SBU concept for each project but some time takes the line function too. Oil and Gas chief executives are well aware that the need for detailed and innovative HR strategies, and the personnel needed to oversee them, are of utmost importance given the unique challenges facing the industry.

Selecting, developing, mentoring and managing individuals to ensure that the right skills are available for the right job, at the right time and in the right place, is a key requirement for operators and service sector companies alike. The current lack of industry-ready employees is becoming a critical issue, for all industries and more so for CGD industries where time frames are too crunched with high targets to complete.

The HR also has to keep in mind that this new generation has different expectations than previous generations. Issues such as developmental opportunities, global opportunities, work-life balance and the use of technology are more important than ever before. Social media, mobile technologies and gamification in recruiting, training and performance management are likely to be required to maximize the effectiveness of this next wave.

Resonance Energy, understanding the need to address this ever-pressing HR concern is organising a 2 days Oil & Gas HR Conclave on 5-6 December 2019 at Hotel Holiday Inn, New Delhi. This First ever, industry focused conclave is a unique event gathering HR and Talent Management professionals specifically from Oil & Gas companies (PSU’s, CGD companies, consultants, contractors and operators, Academia, placement agencies etc). It endeavours to creates an excellent and interactive platform for Oil & Gas HR leaders to share and brainstorm on common challenges, exchange their ideas and to network in an exclusive business friendly environment. The conference also looks at how the various aspects of the oil and gas industry affect the functional HR areas including staffing, training and development, performance management, and compensation and benefits.

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Session 1 - Inaugural session

Session 2 – Does HR Managers need oil & Gas domain specialisation?
Importance for HR to be proficient in operational and functional areas  
Availability of specialised workforce and integration of functions to outsource
Safety Leadership  

Session 3 – Market Volatility – Role of HR for Sustainability
Long-term HR plans – Coping with asymptotic growth in Industry  
Supporting Technological Advancements in each business groups to translate business needs into digital solutions. 
Repositioning workforce to meet the changing market dynamics

Session 4 – Impact of Corporate learning
Career enhancement for employees including re-training due to technical upgradation/advancement & organisational needs
ROI from Training & option for Outsourcing 
Soft skill for personality development

Session 5 – Lack of jobs vs. lack of skills 
Are slow hiring procedures making it hard to fill positions? 
Skill Requirements for New Jobs in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry
Jobs and Skills in Demand: What Employers Need vs. what universities produce (Industry Academic Interactions)

Session 6 – Evolving role of Performance Management
Evolving & Implementing objective performance management systems
Demonstrate appreciation through meaningful non-financial rewards
Innovative and flexible reward system to retain, incentivise and motivate employee

Session 7 – Addressing attrition in the sector
Locational shifts for workforce- attrition & ways for retention. 
Succession Planning: Addressing aging workforce requirement of organisation with strategic intent.
Work-life balance -Employee physical, psychological, and emotional wellness 


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