2nd Edition of Workshop on ‘Role of Contract & Procurement’ in CGD


The development of CGD network in the country has been on the path of rapid growth, as the controlled price gas, for PNG and CNG,has been encouraged by the Government. Till July 2018, there are 36 entities operating in 102 Geographical Areas (GAs) covering 11% area and 19% population of the country. CGD was introduced in India in 1993 has now completed 25 years and the achievements has been; 42 lakhs PNG connections and 1300 CNG stations. 

The 9th CGD bidding round has just been concluded where 86 GAs covering 174 districts in 22 States and Union territories encompassing 24% area and 29% population of India. The 8 year work programme committed for PNG exceeds 1.6 Croreconnections and 4000 CNG stations.

The work programme committed in this bidding round is highly ambitious. The PNGRB has pre determined the penalties for defaults; as a result there will be huge pressure on the authorized entities to fulfill the committed work programme. The Board has also been following up the target completion of the previously authorized entities.

The advancement in C&P procedure for e-tendering and reverse bidding has shown some improvement in standardizing the procedure. However traditional GCC (General condition of contract) and SCC (Special condition of contract) continue to create a bulky tender document more often not fully gone through by the bidders. 

To address these issues Resonance Energy organizes the 2nd edition of workshop on Materials and Contract Management. The present workshop focuses on the role of C&P department to help meeting the stretched targets for CNG (inch km & dispensing station) and PNG (domestic).The workshop is expected to reduce lead time and makes clear vision to achieve fast track completion of the targets. The workshop provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experience and devise way forward. The program is targeted to CGD entities, professionals engaged in material management and contract, equipment seller, consultant, service providers arbitrators and law firms.

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Day 1 – 29 November 2018


10.00 – 11:15 am

Inaugural Session



Dr C.R. Prasad, Former Chairman, GAIL

D.K. Sarraf, Chairman, PNGRB

A.K. Singh, Director, IOCL

E.S. Ranganathan, MD, IGL

Amrendra Kumar, MD, CUGL

Nitin Patil, Director, Gujarat Gas

Suresh Manglani, CEO, Adani Gas

PPG Sharma, VP, Torrent


11:15- 11.45 am

Tea /Coffee Break


11.45 am 1.15 pm

Session 2: Existing C&P systems and scope for improvement


Key Speakers:

A.K. Chaudhary, ED, EIL

Siddhartha Ghosh, DGM, GAIL


1.15 pm- 2.15pm



2.15 pm - 3.45pm

Session 3 – Analysis of the work programme in CGD vis-à-vis the traditional realization of work programme


Key Speakers:

Dr. B.S. Negi

Asit Jana, CEO, GAIL Gas

Navnit Mangla, CGM,IGL


3.45 pm - 4.15 pm

Tea/Coffee Break


4.15 pm -5.30 pm

Session 4 – C&P role for meeting committed work programme on PNG


Key Speakers:

A.M. Tambekar, MD, MNGL

T.L. Sharnagat, VP, MGL


Day 2 – 30 November 2018

10.00 am -11.15 am

Session 5 – C&P role for meeting committed work programme for CNG & inch Km

Key Speakers:

Kunal Ghosh, CGM (C&P), GAIL Gas

Peeyush Tripathi, Sr. VP, Adani Gas

P.K. Pandey, VP, IGL

11.15am 11.45 am

Tea /Coffee Break

11.45 am 1.15 pm

Session 6: PNGRB Regulations: monitoring/ reporting/ penalties

Key Speakers:

Adv. Pallavi Bedi,Legal Advisor, Luthara & Luthara’s

Adv, Divya Roy, AOR, Supreme Court

1.15 pm- 2.15pm


2.15 pm - 3.45pm

Session7 – Development of new concept and technology in the sector

Key Speakers:

Swami Singh, Former Director, MOPNG

Du/David Lee, Endurance China

Vijay Ladhani , Director, Bucon Infra

Pradeep Pradhan, CEO, PP Buildtech

Manoj Khajanchi, CEO, Rhino Services

3.45 pm - 4.15 pm

Tea/Coffee Break

4.15pm-5.30 pm

Session 8 - Panel discussion - Innovative ideas in CGD implementation

Key Panelist:

Dr. B.S. Negi

R.K. Samtani, ED, IOCL

Manoj Pawa, Sr. VP, PLL

Shekhar Jagtap,MD, Georg Fischer Piping Systems Pvt. Ltd

Vivek Ummat, Founder, ConGas Services



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