3rd Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS 2018)


The pipeline transportation of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas is a proven, safe and economic transportation method world over. In Indian context 100% of petroleum, around 70% of petroleum products and 100% of natural gas is being transported through pipelines. The issues of ensuring the integrity of such systems are therefore, of paramount interest.

Over a period of time the evolution of pipeline up keeping has reached reasonably mature level. Similarly the system and procedure for deployment of various such tools has also been well established but the major question remains whether the application of such system has been adopted by the industry across all its application. The O&M procedure of Pipeline operator, their corporate maintenance strategy and statutory requirements are required to absorb the integrity management tools, system and procedure such that they are practiced as matter of reflective action rather than application with reasoning.

A well designed PIMS programme ensures that “the pipeline gives a sustained and reliable performance throughout its life”. In practice PIMS, not only extends the life of existing pipelines, but also helps to prevent the damages to assets, human life and the environment during construction, operation & maintenance. To address the issues of available tools, system and procedure and their application for pipeline integrity management, Resonance Energy is organizing 3rd Edition of Pipeline Integrity Management System Conference cum Exhibition 2018. The conference will discuss the availability of tools, systems and statutory Regulations for pipeline integrity. The application of such tools, systems and procedures will be critically examined for petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas pipeline encompassing onshore & offshore pipeline, distribution network, installation and storage.

The exhibition brings various stakeholders together to showcase their products and services covering the value chain of entire pipeline activities. May it be, line pipe manufacturing, pipeline design and construction, coating and catholic protection, ILI, condition monitoring of non- piggable pipeline, electronic based surveillance system etc. The conference also highlights global experience relating to pipeline transportation, their maintenance and brings out the things which had gone wrong and at the place where….

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----------------------------- DAY 1 -----------------------------------

Session 1:
• Inaugural session

Session 2:
• Concept to Commissioning of Pipeline
• Factors influencing pipeline viability
• Pipeline design code and criteria
 • System design – CP/compressor station/pump station/IPS- SVS/SCADA

Session 3:
• Pipeline Stakeholders and Exhibitors forum
• Line pipe manufacturing – Grade, Size – Standard and Non -standard
• Construction practices – resolving intricate issues
• Pipeline Service Providers – CP/Electronic surveillance/ inspection services/Patrolling and Security

Session 4 :
 • Pipeline Operation, Maintenance and Safety
 • Pipeline incidences related to offshore pipelines
 • Pipeline incidences related to onshore pipelines
 • Effect analysis matrix of the pipeline incidences
 • Grouping the severity of the pipeline incidences

---------------------------- DAY 2 -----------------------------

Session 5:
• PIMS Concept and tools
• PIMS Concept
• CP monitoring
• Inline Inspection (ILI)
• Surveillance (Patrolling/ Integrated surveillance system/ awareness programme)
• Hydro testing
• Direct assessment and evaluation (NDT,ECDA,ICDA,SCCDA)

Session 6:
• Repair& Maintenance of pipeline system
• Bank Protection and Restoration of pipelines after washouts
• Post burial of pipelines affected due to bouncy
• Oil spill handling and remedy of contaminated soil
 • AC/DC interference survey • Installation piping ( painting & CP)
• Residual Life Assessment

 Session 7:
• ERDMP/ Regulatory Perspective
• Policy and regulatory prospective
• Case studies

 Session 8:
• Panel discussion - Theme (Problematic Issues and Pipeline growth retarders)


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