4th International Workshop on Gas Trading in India

S S Gupta
Indian Oil 

Vinay Mittal

The economics and environmental consideration put natural gas a continuously growing energy resource. Various studies indicate that even the optimal use of renewables will not reduce the share of natural gas in the global energy basket.

To address the imbalance of natural gas resources in position, natural gas production and natural gas consumption, the gas trading had been playing very important role. About 1/3 of the gas consumed worldwide is traded - 2/3 by pipeline and 1/3 by as LNG.

In India, the domestic gas production has been declining gradually and the demand supply gap is being met by LNG import. Gas consumption during 2011 was at peak of 61.1 BCM which has been declining gradually till 2015 to 45.7 BCM. This has however now started rising in 2016 to 50.1 BCM. LNG in India introduced in 2004 and has now established a share of above 45% of India’s gas consumption. India has 4 LNG operating terminals, another 6 terminals under construction of which -3 in western cost and 3 in eastern coast.

The pipeline infrastructure is also continuously growing. The pipeline infrastructure expected to reach by 25000 Km within next 5 years from existing 17000KM. The inadequacy of the pipeline infrastructure is being met with virtual pipeline concept transporting gas as CNG in cascade and as LNG in Cryogenic tankers.

The gas available from isolated and marginal fields, Bio-gas plants and from waste to energy projects is also adding reasonably good volume for market consumption. The natural gas application as a fuel and feeds stock is widely acceptable in the industrial commercial, domestic and transport sector.

The clientale of natural gas in various region of the country is on continuous increase, with the efforts of PNGRB gas has found its reach to very far flung areas as city gas. The large numbers of gas sources and consumers spread has given rise to gas volumes aggregation from small customers for sourcing sizable volume of gas as LNG. Now the need for structured gas trading platform is felt by many consumers over present system of aggregation of demand by nominated parties.

The present workshop intends to deliberate the possibility of such an emerging gas trading hub in India which should address physical trading as well as the Futures. The workshop will also elaborate the impediments to the trading and will bring out possible solutions
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