5th Pipeline Integrity Management System Conference Cum Exhibition PIMS for safe and sustainable pipeline service


Pipeline transportation of Petroleum, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas is proven economical and safe method. In India 100% of Petroleum, 70% of Petroleum Products and nearly 99% of Natural Gas (baring LNG by tanker and CNG by cascades), being transported through pipelines. Indian pipeline infrastructure is a mix of old and new ones, e.g., Crude oil pipeline from Naharkatia to Barauni is more than 70 years, Petroleum Product pipeline HaldiaBarauni-Kanpur is more than 50 years and Gas pipeline HVJ (Hazira-Vijaypur-Jagdishpur) is more than 35 year old. Further, many pipelines are still under construction. Currently India has a length of operative pipeline about 35,600 km and another 5000 Km is going the added in next 5 years. The issue of ensuring integrity of pipeline systems is therefore of paramount importance. To bring uniformity in safety of the Hydrocarbon sector, has been one of the important functions of PNGRB and the notification of Regulations like, T4S (Technical Standard, Specifications including safety Standards), IMS (Integrity Management System) and ERDMP (Emergency Response and Disaster management Plan) by PNGRB, has brought much awaited awareness for pipeline and system safety in the industry. A well-designed PIMS program ensures that, “the pipeline gives a sustained and reliable performance throughout its life”. In practice, PIMS, not only extends the life of existing pipelines, but also helps to prevent damage to assets, human lives and environment during construction, operation and maintenance. To support PIMS program, there are well-developed tools like, CP, ILI, Electronic surveillance, UT etc. To address the issues of application and availability of IMS tools, success of the system, procedure and Regulatory compliances, Resonance Energy is organizing two days conference cum exhibition on 20 and 21 December 2023, where industry peers, stalwarts will share their experience and the equipment and service providers will showcase their products and services. It provides an unique opportunity to all stakeholders associated with midstream and downstream of Hydrocarbon Industry and the academia. 

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20th Decembder-2023: Day 01 -

Session 1 : Pipelines for Economic Growth

Session 2 : Pipeline Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Session 3 : Pipeline Integrity assessment Tools and Techniques

Session 4 : Policy issues and Statutory Compliances 

21st December- 2023: Day 02 -

Session 5 : Integrity Management Tools- CP, ILI, LRUT, MFL, DCVG Ses

Session 6 : Learning from Experience- Case studies ses

Session 7 : Exhibitors’ Forum, Think Tank Views

Session 8 : Panel Discussion- Global Practices - Hydrogen/Bio Gas Transportation through Gas Pipelines, Pipeline Protection, Security and Surveillance


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