9th CGD Conference Cum Exhibition (Theme: “ CGD as driver of Gas Based Economy in India - Unlocking India’s preparedness for CNG/LNG/eV/Hydrogen Vehicle and Gas Based Equipment and conversion techniques”)

The dependence on polluting fuels like Coal, Petrol and Diesel is fast changing globally to control global warming to 1.5˚C. Surface transport and aviation are the sectors using the largest number of polluting fuels like Petrol, Diesel and ATF. Efforts are focusing to find alternative benign fuels for mobility. The least polluting fossil fuel is natural gas and zero pollution fuels are hydrogen and renewable. The focus of the industry is on encouraging the use of natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, and e-vehicles for mobility, as these options address almost all issues related to mobility with the least pollution.

Many OEMs like Maruti-Suzuki, TATA, Mahindra & Mahindra, TOYOTO, Honda, Hyundai and others have been producing CNG, Hydrogen, e-V and hybrid variant of vehicles. The applications of these new variants are getting popular faster than ever.

Similarly, the conversion of appliances and old vehicles, from polluting fuels to benign fuels is getting attention and more and more improvised methods have been deployed by industry. The conversion of old /new vehicles to CNG is now a proven method, but conversion to LNG of old buses, trucks and commercial/private vehicles is now, getting more attention, as LNG mode solves the problem of the limited range associated with CNG. In addition, LNG application in Train, long haul trucks/dumpers and Ships/boats is another example of its increased application.

Newer applications of equipment like Composite dispensing units (3-in-1) for CNG, Mobile Dispensing Unit (MRU), De Compression Unit (DCU) for low-pressure application of Natural gas after being transported in the compressed stage in the areas, not connected by pipelines, are other examples of increasing application of technological advancements.

To bring designers, manufacturers, retrofitters and users to one platform, Resonance Energy is organizing the 9th City Gas Stakeholders Conference cum Exhibition 2023, dedicated to new vehicles models using the CNG/LNG/Hybrid/Hydrogen/ E-V, newer appliances with efficient conversions and the latest techniques for conversion of all kind of equipment migrating from conventional fuels to benign fuels with enhanced efficiency and showcase the successive growth the success of CGD industry since1993 (the year of the beginning of CGD in India) to 2023, where 98% of Indian population is covered with pipeline gas application. CGD since 2014 has shown a phenomenal growth for example from 1993 to 2014 the number of districts covered were 66 but from 2014-2023 the number has grown to 630. Also, the PNG connection has risen for 25.40 Lakh in 2014 to 103.93 Lakh by 2023.

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3 rd July - 2023- Day 01

Session 1 : India’s preparedness for CNG/LNG/e-V/Hydrogen Vehicle and Gas-based Industrial Equipment and Conversion Techniques”

Session 2 : OEM planning to roll out CNG, LNG, e-V and Hydrogen vehicles

Session 3 : Nuances of Compressors- Online, DBS, MRU,3-in-1 and more

Session 4 : New Trends in CNG Cylinders, Cascades, dispensers, DRS, DCU etc Se

4 th July -2023- Day 02

Session 5 : Conversion of Vehicles, Industrial Equipment and VAR from Coal, FO, LSHS, HSD, and PG to Natural as/LNG/e-V Ses

Session 6 : Future of IC Engines, Hybrid vehicles, Long haul fleets and LNG by rain/Tankers Ses

Session 7 : Exhibitors’ Forum Panel Discussio

Session 8 : Entrepreneur Forum (Gas Exchange role for gas Bench Mark price for India; Infrastructure required for CNG, LNG, e-Vehicle, Hydrogen Vehicle, Industry switching to Natural Gas to achieve Net Zero by 2050/2070)


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