Virtual Conference on 'Indian Gas Exchange'


The Government of India has set a policy target of increasing the share of natural gas in India’s energy basket from current 6.5% to 15% by 2030. World average proportion of gas in the energy mix is currently at 23.5%. To undertake such an increase in share of natural gas in India, it is imperative to drive investments in the overall gas economy value chain – including domestic production, sourcing re-gasification of LNG, transportation (pipelines) and end-use consumption (industrial, commercial and residential). The required investments, in turn, calls for a market-based mechanism for gas pricing and availability, that can generate market driven pricing, demand and supply signals. A market-based mechanism is possible if there is a transparent and neutral natural gas trading platform.

The government of India has taken a number of steps to boost the natural gas market in India.  Indian Gas Exchange (IGX) was set up in June 2020, for natural gas trading in the country, which has been authorized on 2nd December 2020, by PNGRB under Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (Gas Exchange) Regulations 2020. This enables transparent trading of gas and companies source gas at market price from domestic and imports. IGX has established three hubs at Hazira, Dahej and KG Basin and proposes to establish two more hubs at Dabhol and Haldia (West Bengal). Establishing such gas trading hubs at convenient location, will be able to creat vibrant natural gas market just like UK, Germany and USA. This initiative will also invite global market players to participate in Indian Gas Market.

Currently, the prices of gas products in India, including fuels such as petrol and diesel, are set by the government. The same applies on major portion of natural gas as well. Advent of IGX will ensure that the prices are rather set by the market forces themselves. Additionally, the trading platform will also drive competition across the value-chain, leading to innovative business models and efficient cost-structures, thus supporting the overall affordability of gas. As of now, 16 companies have joined IGX as Exchange members and 500 as clients. It has traded more than 75,000 mmbtu of Natural since inception.

Resonance Energy, understanding the physical markets, operations and logistics, and the distinct differences between the physical and financial markets, is organizing its 6th Virtual Conference on Indian Gas Exchange on 26th February 2021 on FLOOR platform by 10 Times.  Attendees will review natural gas market basics, Trading concepts, Policy and Regulatory enablers and the mechanics of natural gas trading process including title transfer, tariff setting and margins..

Subject matter experts as speaker will provide an in-depth understanding of gas indices, open bidding price, applicable tariff and physical delivery basis deals and the trading contracts/products . Delegates will gain an understanding of the various enablers on Gas trading, and the role of the IGX. The conference  will conclude with a discussion on stakeholders’ perspective on where natural gas markets are headed.

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26 February 2021

10:00 am-11:30 am

Inaugural Session (Enablers for Gas Trading in India)

11:45 am-1:15 pm

Session 2:  Policy & Regulations

Key Issues

·        Availability & Accessibility of Gas,

·        Policy & Regulatory support,

·        Gas exchange regulation,

·        Access code,

·        Tariff regulation and imbalance management



                                              Lunch Break

2:15 pm-3:45pm

Session 3: Gas markets, Contracts & Tariff Applicable

Key Issues

·        Availability and accessibility to Natural Gas,

·        LNG future,

·        Long duration contracts,

·        uniform taxation,

·        GTA & Transportation tariff

4:15 pm -5:30 pm

Session 4: Gas Exchange operation


 Key Issues

·        Physical delivery,

·        Futures trading,

·        Payment settlement

·        Risk control


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Delegate fee for the conference is INR 2000 + 18% GST 

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